Top 10 Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Interview Questions

Top 10 Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Interview Questions

Anyone who is interesting to build a career in Oracle Integration Cloud and become an Integration specialist would have come across Oracle Integration Cloud Interview Questions on multiple occasions. As we know, Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is a platform that integrates across cloud and on-premise applications and simplifies connectivity between key 3rd party enterprise applications and on-premise applications.

An Oracle Integration Cloud specialist is responsible for planning, coordinating, and supervising all activities related to the integration of enterprise information systems.

To help you out, we have acquired some of the Top 10 OIC Interview Questions and Answers, and they will definitely help you progress forward in Oracle Integration Cloud.

Q1. What is Oracle Integration Cloud?

Ans: Oracle Integration Cloud is a Middleware platform offered by Oracle. This enables the communication between multiple applications. All types of applications SaaS, on-premises can be integrated using OIC. OIC offers three applications:

1. Integration Cloud Service (ICS)
2. Process Cloud Service (PCS)
3. Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)

Top 10 Oracle Integration Cloud Interview Questions

Q2. Oracle Integration Cloud comes under which category of Cloud?
Ans: Oracle Integration Cloud is Platform as a Service (PaaS

Q3. What is Integration in Oracle Integration Cloud?

Ans: Integrations are the main ingredient of Oracle Integration. An integration includes at the least a trigger (source) connection (for requests sent to Oracle Integration) and invokes (target) connection (for requests sent from Oracle Integration to the target) and the field mapping between those two connections.

Q4. What is an adapter in Oracle Integration Cloud?

Ans: OIC adapter is an abstract way to connect to any application with the help of the box adapter. There are 50+ adapters available in OIC. Those are categorized as

  • Oracle Adapter (Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle EBS, Oracle ERP adapter, etc.)
  •  Non-Oracle Adapter (Salesforce, Ariba, Concur, etc.)
  •  Technology adapter(REST, SOAP, FTP, etc.)

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Q5. How many design patterns are available in OIC and what are those?

Ans: There is a total of six patterns in Oracle Integration Cloud are:

  • App Driven Orchestration
  • Scheduled Orchestration
  • File Transfer
  • Basic Routing
  • Publish To OIC
  • Subscribe To OIC

Top 10 Oracle Integration Cloud Interview Questions

Q6. What is App Driven Orchestration Pattern?

Ans: App Driven Orchestration pattern is a multi-step pattern, allows invoking multiple applications in a single flow, doing a for-each loop, if-else logic, applying complex logic, etc.

Q7. What is a Scheduled Orchestration Pattern?

Ans: Scheduled Orchestration pattern allows you to develop an integration that can run on a pre-defined frequency and can be executed on an Ad hoc basis.

Q8. What is a File Transfer Pattern?

Ans: The File Transfer pattern allows moving files across the network seamlessly and securely. This is again a scheduled type of pattern.

Q9. What is a Basic Routing Pattern?

Ans: A basic Routing pattern can connect only two applications with no logic.

Q10. What is Publish To OIC and Subscribe To OIC pattern?

Ans: Publish To OIC pattern allows publishing messages to OIC internal messaging queues. For example, an event can be subscribed from Oracle Sales Cloud and published the same into Oracle Integration Cloud messaging queue. Subscribe To OIC pattern subscribe messages from Oracle Integration Cloud messaging queue and send the same to different applications. These queues are managed by OIC itself and you don’t have access of them.

Q11.What is Lookup in Oracle Integration Cloud?

Ans: Lookups associate values used by one application for a specific field to the values used by other applications for the same field. This provides the capability to map values across vocabularies or systems. For example, the source application uses country code to represent the country however target application uses the country name to represent the country. These mapping can be maintained using Lookup and will be referred by Integration during runtime.

Top 10 Oracle Integration Cloud Interview Questions

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