Questions about SQL in the “real world”

So I’ve just been watching some youtube videos where people write SQL code, but how does it actually work in practice at a job? I have a few questions:

  1. Is there any difference between working with a SQL database that is in the cloud vs one that isn’t?

  2. What language is used to make a SQL database? It’s just SQL right? But don’t you have some “wrapper” code around it? For exception handling and other stuff? What language is usually used for that?

  3. Where do people actually write the SQL code when at work? What editor /program ?

  4. Where does the output to SQL code go? Do you just get it on your screen? Say you’re a working data analyst, business analyst, data scientist or someone just working with SQL. When you write the SQL commands in these types of roles, don’t you usually want it to output to a Excel file so that you can read it into Python/pandas and analyse the data? How does this happen? Is it automatic? Is it complicated to achieve?

  5. So in microsoft teams (and other programs at a job) you have read only access, write access and different “access” depending on different factors like who you are, your role, how tightly you work with the given thing. How does this work with a SQL database? Do you have “read” only access there too? What type of access do the ones who write SQL queries have (think the typical data analyst role). Would these people typically have access to the source code as well (to read), or not at all?

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