Does Digital Marketing Serve Law Firms?

There’s a lot of discussion about the right kind of digital marketing approach for law firms, what works and what doesn’t, and so on. Speaking more broadly, however, some even ask the question as to whether digital marketing ever really serves law firms as effectively as it does many other businesses.

Well, the answer to that is yes it does. Law firms may not use the exact same strategies as other types of business, but they need digital marketing all the same. Below are some of the key ways that digital marketing serves law firms:

1. It Builds a Great Website

The website is the stalwart foundation of a law firm’s marketing and business strategy. Websites don’t need to be as information-packed as they once were, since they are now more often used as ways to foster first contact between new clients and a law firm, as well as to provide a reflection of the law firm’s brand, values, and of course introductions to its team.

A well-designed and properly managed website is the digital cornerstone of a law firm’s wider reputation, especially in an age where the growing majority of new clients are going to be those who research local law firms online. The ones with the best, most user-friendly websites are the ones that will get the most attention.

2. Digital Marketing Offers SEO, which Drives Traffic

One more element behind the website is its ability to house content that helps drive your keyword-based search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. Without digital marketing efforts, these things are not possible. With other law firms competing for often the same limited pool of clients, it’s critical that your firm would appear atop the Google search results pages, and that’s something you can achieve with effective SEO.

3. Digital Marketing Helps Expand Reputation and “Authority”

Digital marketing channels are a great way to promote written content from your firm that highlights the strengths of your individual attorneys and other team members, and helps build your local and wider reputation as an authority on a certain subject. Getting articles published on your own firm’s law blog, as well as on more prominent blogs and in legal journals — all of which you can showcase through social media and other channels — is an easy way to prove you are not just your everyday run-of-the-mill law office!

Law firms build their name on trust between themselves and their clients. A part of that trust comes from clients, new and existing, seeing visible signs of the prestige, excellence and quality of the law firm they are represented by.

4. Digital Marketing Opens Up the “Closed-Door” Law Firm

A lot of people still see law firms as being rather stuffy, old-fashioned and closed-off. It’s not the kind of place you can just walk into and browse around, after all. The only people who do go to them are those who do so with purpose. So how does digital marketing change that?

Digital marketing brings platforms through which a law firm’s solicitors can communicate with potential and existing clients, not just talking about themselves and their careers through video introductions, but by offering webinars offering basic free legal advice for situations that matter to the local community. For example, a firm practicing in family law might host a webinar in which a lawyer from the firm outlines the basic rights and responsibilities of individual family members during any specific legal situation, or on the importance of getting a will organised.

Digital Marketing Serves Law Firms in the Information Age

There’s simply no escaping the fact that more and more of life is happening in the digital space, and therefore that’s where law firms can find their future clients. If consultations happen more commonly online instead of face to face, then it’s even possible for law firms to start reaching outside of their local area for business in other parts of the state or country.

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