WDRL — Edition 279: Inclusive docs, Microbrowsers, Kind Companies, and CSS Subgrid Techniques


It’s the last update for this year as the new year holidays are coming up and I’m gonna take a break from web development as well during this time. Time to work on other things like woodwork, or preparing and planning the next year’s Gardening season. I’m going to build a CSA and next year will be the preparation and experimentation season before going into full production for other people so they can enjoy local, fresh and carefully grown food at a reasonable price.

The end of the year is typically the time where everyone asks about new year goals. Well, whether you have goals or not, we can definitely care more about how we treat other people, whether they’re co-workers, our managers or clients. If we show empathy and try to be helpful instead of arrogant, we not only build a better product but also build a network of trust, a network of reliable people that we can count on when we need help. In times where everything happens in virtual worlds, it’s more and more important to not be just any brand out there but one that stands out because they are personal and kind. If you have any feedback on how I can do better with this newsletter or Colloq, write me an email. And if you know great examples that stood out for you, let me know as well e.g. on Mastodon or Twitter.


  • Chrome 79 is out and brings maskable icons on Android PWAs, the WebXR Device API, and an origin trial of a “Wake Lock API”. In the DevTools, you can now see why a cookie was blocked, emulate CSS media queries like prefers-reduced-motion or prefers-color-scheme.



Web Performance

  • Instant Page is a JavaScript that tries to predict really well whether a user will click on a link or not, and, based on that, will prefetch and preload the linked page in the browser for improved performance.


  • Paul Grenier writes about how we can and why we should care more about writing good docs. Automating inclusive documentation shows tools and services helping us achieve that.



Work & Life

  • Structure does not bring you happiness is a piece of text on how important effectiveness and structure at work are. But keeping in mind that this won’t bring you happiness and adapting your work and lifestyle accordingly is even more important to being a happy person.

Go beyond…

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We will read each other next year, I wish you all the best until then and hope you get some time for yourself as well.


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