Best practices for migrating FS to SP

Hello. This is a simple job, I am sure. But I am wanting to be super deliberate and careful, as it is my first time for this kind of work.

Towards the end of the year, we are leaving our on site servers behind. Our file library – currently on a DFS file server – will migrate to a Sharepoint site.

A Sharepoint site is up, created, waiting. We have done some very light tests. All clients will have OD4B installed, and we will sync before any migration date. I think we have that all sorted; planned.

The source data is being actively cleaned up. Redundancies are being removed, the folder structure simplified, and subsets are will be moved separately to different sites (HR, Accounting, etc). This will, in theory, leave the larger bulk of data, accessible to everyone in the company. This will be about 160,000 files, 48 GB.

This leads me to my questions…

  1. Is there any reason NOT to do a test of the migration… Essentially migrate this now to get a sense of how long it will take, what it will look like after?
    1. Will any data be deleted or modified by being “migrated”?
  2. Is their functionality for “Pre-Migrating” the data. For example, to run it a few days ahead of time, and then to run it again with some sort of “update changed files” option again, at the time of cutover?
  3. Is their a best practice that anyone would recommend, given this rough explanation of what we think we are doing?

Thoughts? Thanks! Sorry for the relative ignorance.

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