Go from functional consultant to a technical consultant

Hello everybody. I’ll tell you my history. I am 23 years old, I’m from Argentina and I’m a functional FICO consultant. At the age of 18 I began the career of accountancy at the university. A few months later I started working as a trainee on the FICO module. I have experience in various roll out implementations of SAP projects and I learned a lot in these years. I consider myself a young man with the ability to learn new things and face new challenges. Some time ago I discovered that I’m passionate about software development. Even a year ago I changed my university degree. Now I’m studying to be a software engineer. I have small personal projects in different languages, such as js, python, c ++ and other programming languages. My intention is to start working as a developer and my question is: is it a good idea to move to Abap or Ui5? My intention is to be able to detect needs, design solutions and develop those solutions. Is sap a system that allows to squeeze the skills of software developers to the maximum? I understand that the sap profile is for people interested in understanding the operation of the business but not for people passionate about software development, technology, etc. I also feel that the world of software is huge and it’s updated every day, while Abap/Ui5 is only a small part of that world and it’s out of that advance technology and it has many limitations in terms of creativity and how to solve problems. I feel that if I do abap I would only be dedicating myself to writing code and nothing more. This is my opinion and I haven’t experience like abap developer. What do you think? Thank you!

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