SOLVED upgrade error: illegal package name `systemd/noawait’

when I run this sudo apt upgrade command I get this:

Reading package list ... Done
Creating dependency tree
Reading status information ... Done
Calculating the update ... Done
The following packages will be updated:

1 updates, 0 new ones will be installed, 0 to remove and 0 not to update.

39 not fully installed or removed.
0 B / 1,141 kB of files need to be downloaded.
12.3 kB of additional disco space will be used after this operation.
do you wish to continue? [Y / n] yes

dpkg: error: trigger log file mentions a package name
Illegal you `systemd / noawait '(in the file` / usr / lib / systemd / catalog'): name
Illegal packet in value 'systemd / noawait': character `/ 'is not allowed
gone (only letters, digits characters `- + ._ 'are allowed)
E: The / usr / bin / dpkg thread returned an error code (2)

And i can’t upgrade :((

Please help. i use ubuntu 20.04

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