Samsung NP940X5N doesn’t boot

I have installed Ubuntu 20.04 at another partition than where a previous Ubuntu 18.04 has installed.
But failed to boot, and systemd seems are waiting for the swap partition to be mount. So I just comment the swap line out from fstab file.
But it still hangs, so I chrooted into it and run

systemctl mask dev-nvme0n1p8.device

And reboot.(nvme0n1p8 is the swap)
It still hangs on systemd-rfkill.sevice and journal shows it always timeout.
But after I deleted the swap partition, it can boot now without any problem.

Btw, the 18.04 is always usable.
Screenshot when booting

Update on 20th May:

My laptop is Samsung Notebook 9 pro NP940X5N with i5-8250U.
After I deleted the swap partition, this bug still exists. And I found another post about it:
Mostly unable to boot when [ ***] A start job is running for… FOREVER!
It seems that there is still a rare probability to boot normally, and it exactly happened after I deleted the swap partition.
And I tried more time later. if I turned off my laptop for a long time, on the next boot, it may more probably boot. but it mostly just doesn’t work.

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