Perma locked flat-vmdk file

Anyone ever ran across this issue? Have a crazy large disk (60TB) that of course had issues after a datacenter outage a few months ago and also of course has no backup in existence. Back in March I originally tried to work with support because it appeared a VM on a host had the file locked so we tried reboots all around hoping it would release and it did not. At that point it was decided to try to clone the disk to see if it would re-write an unlocked copy, but due to lack of disk space I could not try it till this week. Fast forward and of course any manipulation of the flat or regular VMDK descriptor fails, likely due to the phantom lock on the flat file and Vmware is telling me im SOL.

I tried:

– Powering off the host that had it locked

– Powering off the VM that had it mounted (its been unmounted for several months now)

– Removing and re-adding the datastore

– Putting the datastore in maintenance mode

– running a repair against the disk (Comes back as healthy)

Pretty much still stuck at square one and I’m guessing the lock is to blame. Has anyone ever been able to forcibly remove the lock, or even copy a disk circumventing the locks? I did see a post someone mentioned about headers being the problem and a suggested fix, but id rather see if anyone else had any success in a similar situation recovering from something like this.


*Edited to add*

Clustered environment with external SAN storage via ISCSI LUNS.

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