MariaDB Version Control and Automatic Backups… Best Options

Hello All,

I am a student volunteering on a project that has a MariaDB on a web host. There have been several major migrations over the years but it appears they have simply added new tables within the existing DB so it’s quite a mess. I am trying to simplify, normalize, and start them fresh.

One thing I noticed is that MariaDB has a built in version control system. Has anyone had much experience with it? Is there a better standard that I should be using? We use GitHub for our code so it feels like it would make sense to also use it for our DB.

I also want to start having our DB backed up daily. I see a lot of folks use MySQLdump but I’ve also seen a lot of bad luck with it. Is the best method to simply write a bash script and add it to the cronjobs of our webhost server instance?

I am fairly new to this stuff and really appreciate any advice or experience that the folks here can offer me!

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