How to setup a domain with single page & catch all email?

I have no experience with domains or hosting or email. I realise each has its own complications.

Just a quick background, its for trading company with just 2 staff. It’s basically a face to face traveling sales staff with no online element. Currently they are using a gmail address and its all going well. Occasionally people ask if the company has a website or point out that using gmail is rather unprofessional. Now we are just printing some cards and thought we will just add a domain & email address.

I need to register a domain. Decided a “.com” as its seems to be cheaper in the longterm, fancy top level has higher renewal cost. A host to just host 1 page static site. And an email that will catch all, I would like to reply with “From:” the same as what was received in “To:”. If in the future it seems relevant, we can setup a proper site & email.

So, I am looking for a domain name registrar, webhost & email.

Kindly suggest how I can set this up. Things to watch out for.

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