How recruitment software improves modern recruiting

Modern recruitment strategies are constantly evolving. Proactive recruiters are relentless in their search for better talent sourcing, efficient hiring methods, improving candidate experiences, etc. And they’ve come to understand that much of the success in modern hiring lies in recruitment software.

The innovative recruitment tools and techniques supported by recruitment CRM is critical in driving up the success factor in recruitment today. While it cannot dislodge the analytical skills and decision-making abilities of experienced recruiters, the right CRM software can transform the entire hiring process into a more efficient and effective system.

Elements of modern recruitment

Here are some of the top elements of modern recruitment in 2021.

•          Remote work culture

Before the international health crisis that overtook the world in 2020, remote work was not as widespread. Now more and more candidates are looking to work from home. Companies are also offering more remote working facilities. Inevitably, recruiters are also conducting their work away from their office desks.

•          Social media recruiting

Social media recruiting has actually transformed candidate sourcing. Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn have millions of profiles. Recruiters have an easier time identifying people and actively sourcing candidates. This impacts quicker and better quality hiring.

•          Digital interviews

Recruitment has moved part of its interview process online. It is now easy to carry out digital interviews. Saves time and makes for a more efficient hiring process. Recruitment software can integrate easily with video interview software solutions.

•          Talent sourcing passive candidates

Recruiters should not be limited to active candidates. Modern recruitment calls for expanding talent sourcing and looking beyond applicants who are out actively seeking new roles. Using recruitment agency software and social media to find passive candidate is very beneficial to agencies.

•          Online skills testing

Skills assessment tests bring a lot of advantages to staffing agencies and hiring companies. It is a modern recruiting tool that is significant in filtering applicants. It helps highlight candidate strengths and potential. Smart recruiters utilise skills testing software as part of their daily work.

•          Better candidate experience 

Recruitment agencies know that candidate experience contributes to brand reputation. Hence, recruiters actively try to improve their candidate’s recruiting experience. This means working on better communication, understanding candidate requirements, providing feedback, etc.

Role of recruitment software in the modern-day hiring process

1.         More automation which introduces efficiency and productivity

Recruitment CRM software’s automation features help ease arduous, repetitive tasks like CV parsing which is an integral part of recruiting. This time-consuming work is made easier and more efficient when recruiters utilise the software. It becomes possible to quickly scan CVs and find appropriate ones within seconds. Recruiters are more productive after utilising the software as they can invest the saved time into other pressing tasks.

2.         Elevates talent sourcing suitable candidates

Social media has become the go-to source for candidate sourcing. But the entire practice of identifying potential candidates, copying information to shortlist suitable individuals, and trying to organise the communication is challenging. Recruitment software makes this very easy and effortless. The software also merges well with online skills testing software which is effective in quickly sifting through applications and highlighting the best candidates.

3.         Stronger communication system

Regular, quick and quality communication is central to progress in the workplace. Recruitment software can be used to enhance communication with both candidates and companies. Emails and text messages can be sent via the CRM software which helps organise all the communication. Recruiters deal with hundreds of candidates. Using recruitment agency software makes their communication system more accessible. Recruiters can quickly search within the platform and find key points from the last time they spoke to a candidate.

4.         Easier, quicker, streamlined hiring process

Modern recruiting involves a quick, streamlined hiring process because recruitment is fast-paced and very competitive. A messy recruiting desk can seriously hinder progress. It pays to be organised and focused. The features of a good recruitment CRM system encourages a structured way of working. From automation to data storage and a better communication system, everything is designed to improve and elevate how recruiters work.

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