How are you guys finding React (and frontend in general)?

Hey there,

I have been learning programming for almost a year now. I am 27. I have had some experience with php & Html & CSS when I was a kid/teen and created websites during those days. So not complete noob but never had real programming experience.

So I learned Java when I first started. During these months I played around with backend, mobile development and frontend(Typescript) – and can’t decide which I like the most (except mobile, I didn’t like it).

I have also completed 2 React courses – CodeCademy and FreeCodeCamp.

I think I kind of like frontend but have seen so many posts saying it’s boring and that people want to transfer to backend that I am really not sure if I should go that route. Pay is also higher on backend :).

So guys can you tell me your opinion of the frontend and whether you recommend it? I know all of it subjective but I am all open to everyone’s opinions.

If you had similar experience or if you transferred from front to back or from back to front or you were changing careers like I am, I would really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me.

I have an offer for backend job which I have not accepted yet. I don’t want to mess this up, I am not a teenager anymore and can’t waste time. It has been almost a year already.

I am also worried I will not be good enough for backend since I am not a math person so imposter syndrome is here even before employment haha.

Also, I would really appreciate your advise on how I would go about getting a frontend job. It seems like there is never ending demand of technologies for junior positions. I was shocked at how much they want. Is it possible to get a job without portfolio/pet project? I am not against doing it or anything of that sort. It might take quite some time to complete a project and I wanted to save some time if possible :). For backend offer I did not need a project.

Sorry for the long post guys and I appreciate your time.

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