HomeLAB: Dumb question for a 2 host network vswitch or dvSwitches

Hi, everyone

I’m trying to setup a ESXi HA cluster for some of my virtual machines:

Physical Hosts:

  1. Supermicro SC836 (X8DTH-6F + X5650 + 96GB RAM + 16TB Storage + LSI HBA’s)
  2. IBM x3650M3 (ESXi 6.5 + E5520 + 96GB RAM + 2TB Storage)
  3. PC (ESXi 6.5 + Intel G31 + Pentium E5600 + 6GB RAM + 4GB SSD ESXi + 80GB HDD, LSI HBA + 2x GB NIC)
  4. Cisco Catalyst 4948 48 Port Gigabit Switch (Core Network)
  5. Mix of Netgear WNDR3800 + TP-Link Archer C7v2 on OpenWRT for Wireless

Virtual Machines / (Migration to VM WiP)

  • 2x pfSense VM in HA (main router) [1 on PC, 1 on IBM]
  • VCSA (6.7 on IBM)
  • NAS (Windows Server 2019 Essentials Baremetal on Supermicro)
  • FreePBX (handles PSTN phone line on IBM)
  • Debian Docker1 (Light Dockers on IBM)
  • Debian Docker2 (Monitoring Tools on IBM)
  • Various other VM’s (between IBM and PC)

Because of the different CPU’s in use I have the ESXi HA setup to Penryn compatibility, but some VM’s they should be going to be pinned to physical hosts.

In this scenario are dvSwitches beneficial?

For easier management and recovery stay with vSwitches?

NOTE: this is my home playground where I develop my skills by learning (crash & burn as needed), I have low/medium experience on Linux (confused on Proxmox vlan setup), so everything is for fun and games. (Some are later transferred to my professional life.)

Open to suggestions and changes…

EDIT 1: Managed to completely bork dvSwitch migration…

EDIT 2: I managed to completely bork IBM-ESXi IP stack bridging loop I think… (I’m halfway thru restoring access to minmal VM access… will require comple IBM network stack reset) Well it did go in flames, tomorrow will re-do it, but first will setup pfSense HA so I dont loose access to VLAN’s…….. Complex network extremely tight FW rules thankfully it’s at home, lost IBM-ESXi web access VM keeps working…

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