Cannot change host swap file location

Recreating this post from a previous by u/Chaffy_ that was inadvertently locked. The symptom is that I am unable to edit the swap file location in vSphere Client version html client on any of my hosts, whether they are ESXi 6.5.0 build-17477841, ESXi 6.7.0 build-17499825, or ESXi 7.0.2a build-17867351. My clusters all have specified the option “Datastore specified by host”, but when I try to edit the host swap file location on ANY host using the html client, both the “Virtual machine directory” and “Use a specific datastore” options (as well as all the datastores) are grayed out and not selectable via mouse click – the OK and Cancel buttons ARE still clickable. This happens whether the host is in maintenance mode or not, and when logged in with my AD-authenticated Admin-role user OR when logged in as [administrator@vsphere.local](mailto:administrator@vsphere.local)., and over multiple different browsers. vCenter is latest

Thanks to u/eldego for pointing out that this is a UI bug and you can still change the datastore location in the html client by using tab, up/down arrows, and finally spacebar to select the datastore you want, despite them being grayed out. I have created a ticket with GSS; hopefully this bug will be addressed in a future release.

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