Advice for new developers who get stuck

This post is a simple guide to help new developers overcome problems they encounter while learning. Here’s a collection of helpful advice that I personally have received from people here…

  1. Are you struggeling to get your head around a concept and can’t visualise how something works? Don’t dare ask a question. Go read the documentation that you don’t understand. Then after that, go read more documentation that you don’t understand to confuse yourself futher. Don’t dare ask a question. DON’T ASK A QUESTION!
  2. If you must ask a question then understand that this isn’t really an opportunity to help you. This is an opportunity to express how much better I am than you – all while not helping you at all. The thing you don’t realise is that I understood everything the first time I read it. I never needed help from anyone regarding anything. I’m not an idiot like you. If you must ask, I will require you to provide a 6 page document about your problem along with your question. I need this so I can understand the 3 lines of basic vanilla javascript that you’ve written as a newbie. I know I’m an elite developer with 15 years experience, but I will never understand your 3 lines of code without that pointless 6 page document…
  3. Don’t dare use Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is only for elite professional developers who know everything anyway. If you have the audacity to ask a question I will downvote you while engaging in mental masturbation.
  4. Would you like a layman’s explaination of a concept? HAHAHA you’re so below me! Even though I’ve been doing this for 15 years, even though it would only take me 30 seconds to put you on the right path, I will spend an hour writing multiple replies about why I won’t help you.

The way some people here talk down to new developers, I dare you to go out into the real world talking to people like that. If you do, one day someone will put you in hospital. There’s a lot of good people in the dev community, but it seriously seems that there’s a significant subculture of assholes in web development. There’s a significan slice of the “community” that are deliberately obtuse.

So go on then, get your downvote fix in and downvote away. I have to question if some people here are even developers because they seem to be full time professional downvoters and wet wipes. Some of you gatekeep as if you have absolutely no other achievements in life other than your coding knowledge.

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