A new field doesn’t show on the page

I recovered a site from backup which runs on Drupal 7.7. I upgraded it to Drupal 7.80 on another instance. Now, we need to add new fields to content types and add new nodes. I added a field as administrator. I can’t see the added field on neither the old site nor the new one.

What I have done so far:

  • I checked the node is published
  • I checked the permissions
  • I flushed the cache
  • I verified the field data is stored in the database

I don’t think it’s the cache, as I am able to modify the existing field content.
I can delete the pre-existing fields and restore them; I can remove and re-add the nodes. The field stores the same configuration data than the other fields.
The cache_field table data column for the content type with the new field does have the field in the JSON.
When I check on the page in a dev console, there’s no trace of the field. It must be skipped during PHP processing of the content type.

What am I missing?

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