renewing vs. buying a new plan

Update: Based on the advice I received here, I have started the domain transfer process (new registrar being CloudFlare) and cancelled my webhosting account. I will move my site to Github pages. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!

I’ve been a customer with FastComet for a year (webhosting + domain name) and while I have no issues with their service, my renewal is coming up in a couple of days, and I noticed I can get a heavily discounted rate on a new plan, whereas renewal is relatively costly.

My website is a “private” one, in the sense it’s only meant for consumption by specific individuals; I don’t care if it turns up on the search engine or not, nor do I care to generate external traffic. (It’s just a place where I put up notes for my students and stuff.)

Currently the whole website comprises of ~10 totally static pages. I use git to push webpages from my machine to the webhost: basically content that I write in markdown syntax, over which a JS script runs to render nicely formatted content on the fly. (I’m mentioning this to indicate I don’t have any potential migration issues – there are no CMSes, databases, etc. in the picture.)

Given all this, it seems sensible to just purchase a new plan instead of renewing. Since I don’t have any issues with FastComet, I would prefer staying with them rather than change. I chatted with the folk at FastComet and – understandably – they’d rather I renewed my account (which earns them more money) and they tried to dissuade me from cancelling the renewal by offering me a small discount (20%, but not enough).

My main issue is that the customer rep said I can’t use my old domain name as my primary domain for my new account. I replied asking if I could get another domain account as primary, and use my current one as secondary, to which the guy went “yes, well technically you can do that”.

So it seems I have two choices (besides renewing) if I want to keep my old domain name:

  1. Purchase a new annual plan at a discounted price along with a new domain name, renew the old one and make it point to the new account. (I’m assuming this process won’t be a hassle.)

  2. Let the old domain name expire and repurchase it at the same time as a new account. (It doesn’t matter if my website goes down for a few days.)

Choice 2 sounds attractive to me: I don’t mind if my website goes down for a few days – there’s nothing special about my domain name that I expect someone would snap it up as soon as my ownership expires. (Presumably it can be repurchased as soon as it expires, whether by me or someone else.) Besides that there’s only the hassle of reconfiguring git to push to the new account; I don’t recall how I did but I’m sure I can figure it out again.

So am I figuring things correctly?

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