How to install vmware tools?

I installed my Ubuntu in vmware, no I need install vmware tools, I got error:

Searching for a valid kernel header path…
The path “” is not valid.
Would you like to change it?[yes]

In CentOS, I run the following commands to resolve this issue:

yum install gcc-c++
yum install kernel-devel
yum install kernel-headers
yum -y update kernel

But I don’t know how to do in Ubuntu.

I have tried the following commands but nothing changed

sudo apt-get update 
sudo-get install build-essential linux-header-$(uname -r)
sudo ./
sudo ./
sudo ./

Issue Changed:


sudo ./

and deleted the folder of /etc/vmware-tools
then I ran

 sudo ./

Now I can successfully install vmware-tools.

After restart, I can see the folder /mnt/hgfs, but can’t see my shared folder.

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