Help combining 2 views?

I have a content type with two fields: Exterior Images and Interior Images

Both of these fields are Unlimited Values – so the user can upload as many images as they want to exterior and interior. Screenshots:

Now I’m trying to create a view that grabs all exterior and interior images uploaded and displays them.

The only way I can find to have each image displayed as its own individual field and row is to perform a UNION betwen something like SELECT exterior UNION SELECT interior etc. etc. but I just can’t seem to figure out the rest.

I’ve tried creating two views and combining them like this:

function pgallery_views_pre_execute(view &$view){

    if ($view->name == 'photo_gallery'&& $view->current_display == 'page_1') {
        // View 1 contains Interior Images
        $view1 = views_get_view('photo_gallery');
        $query1 = $view1->build_info['query'];

        // View 2 contains Exterior Images
        $view2 = views_get_view('photo_gallery');
        $query2 = $view2->build_info['query'];


        $view->build_info['query'] = $query1;



but it won’t render whatever is in $query2 – it just repeats $query1 values. So I get the correct number of “rows” from the result but it repeats the data for some reason. Please help!

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