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Hi everyone

I used to be a professional ruby/rails dev—I was a lone developer for a security team working on internal tools. (Before that I did PHP freelance.)

I had to leave that job and take almost five years away from software dev entirely due to personal/health reasons.

Now that I’m coming back, I’m super frustrated. First, a lot has changed since Rails 4 and I’ll need to put in a ton of time to catch up. Also no one seems to want Bootstrap/jQuery now so I need to learn a JavaScript framework? Most of all, Ruby just doesn’t seem that in demand any more. It doesn’t seem worth the effort or a smart choice to make.

I came to that conclusion and started doing exercises in languages that feel more marketable—Python specifically. But after the syntactic and structural elegance of Ruby programming in Python feels awful. It doesn’t help that I drank the object oriented kool-aid hardcore (even went to a several day training with Sandi Metz! It was awesome) and I did some smalltalk in school so “fake” oo languages like Python and C++ just feel bad.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a language or path to pursue? Something marketable with a strong future but also something a pleasure to write like Ruby.


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