Why Marketers Use Notific.io to Create Email and Push Notifications

There’s a lot to love about Notific.io if you’re a developer. We’ve been over how we crafted the tool because we felt the pain of repetitively building notification systems. That said, we also had marketers in mind while putting together Notific.io’s feature set. Sending email and push notifications has become an important element of the marketing process, and we aim to make it a lot easier for those who do it.

There are a lot of aspects of Notific that make it a powerful tool in the hands of an able marketer. Here are a few of them.

Low Code Solution for Email and Push Notifications

We get that some marketers don’t mind diving into code themselves. Others may prefer not to have to get their hands dirty with code. Notific.io caters to both groups of marketing professionals.

On the one hand, you can set up a notification system for your app by pasting just one line of code onto your website. This gives you the ability to send email and push notifications to your audience right away.

For the more code-savvy marketers, we have an API that you can use to set up more advanced features like behavior-based email and push notifications. The tool scales easily with the requirements of your marketing campaigns.

Shortcodes and Templates

The Notific.io dashboard is the hub from where you can execute and oversee all notification-related activity. Creating a notification is as simple as typing out whatever message you have in mind into the text editor.

You can personalize messaging created in the dashboard by using shortcodes. For example, the shortcode {{first_name or Unknown first name}} inserts the recipient’s name into the notification. Personalizing content is a great way to humanize the notifications you send out.

If there are particular messages that you need to sent out repetitively, you can save them in the form of a template. This makes it a lot easier to create campaigns that use the same kind of email and push notifications. For example, you can create a template for the onboarding emails that your users receive.

Drive Engagement

Marketers love engagement. It’s the currency of everything you do, and we understand that. Notific.io has been built keeping in mind the need to maximize engagement and conversions derived from campaigns.

There are a number of different ways in which you can increase engagement on your notifications using the tool. The content of the messages can be styled and elements such as emojis can be thrown in to make them more appealing. We’ve built action buttons to simplify creating clear calls-to-action in every message. You have everything you need to engage and retain users right out of the box.

Built-in Analytics

As much as creativity is an important aspect of effective marketing, the cold, hard numbers matter as well. Notific.io offers savvy marketers the ability to track all the important metrics that relate to their notifications. All of that information is visualized in the dashboard in an easily comprehensible format.

What this means is that you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t. You can use the data to double down on effective techniques and test others. Having the ability to optimize elements in this way leads to campaigns that grow in effectiveness over time.

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