Thinking of switching off Windows, I want something new

I have been a Windows user all my life, but theres nothing I LOVE about Windows. I built my pc and just installed Windows because I knew it would work, I also just feel at home using Windows. However, I love tinkering with computers and learning new stuff, and Linux seems like the perfect opportunity to do that.

I installed Pop_OS on my ThinkPad to try it out, and I love using it there. I’ve had it for a few days, and with a simple sudo apt upgrade, everything just works! No drivers, no bs, just plain simple free software that runs like a dream. I love Linux on my laptop, and I want to try it on my desktop. However, I game a LOT and I know that I will have trouble playing some games. I most of my steam library (which is small) is native on Linux which is awesome to see, and I know that my favorite non-steam game Overwatch works very well on Litrus. I am just worried about some smaller games I play like osu running well. I also know that it probably won’t run much better than Windows, and from what I’ve seen , games usually run a bit worse. I really love the Linux OS on my laptop and I am super keen on trying Pop or something KDE based on my desktop because I love customization and the freedom that Linux gives you.

I also love having online privacy, and I know that Linux does that amazingly well. I hate the fact that Microsoft watches my every move when I’m using Windows. I like keeping what’s personal… well personal.

I am a complete beginner and I like the feeling of diving into something new and trying, and possibly switching to a new main OS that I’ll run on any of my future computers. I just am confused n where to start, compatibility, gaming, and just how someone like me with no experience will navigate the terminal, install apps, and just get things to work. I’d really love to try Linux and just submerse myself in the environment, I’m just not sure how to do that well…

I know this is a massive wall of text, but thanks for reading and helping out :3

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