Starting a development agency

Hey guys,

Is anyone interested in starting their own software development agency?
I started and ran a custom agency for 8 years (recently sold it last year), and are now looking to give back any hints-and-tips for developers looking to start their own businesses.

My experience is very much software developers starting an agency… I can’t really help “someone with an MBA start an agency” – as I only know what worked for me, and for the first few years especially, being able to build software whilst also running the business was integral.
For reference my agency focused on custom software, not so much “websites” but more “web apps”. We did a lot of internal tools for businesses which was a good money maker. We were small (< 6 peeps), all highly technical, and made great money considering our lean team size.
I’ve also just started Dev to Agency – a blog/guidebook/newsletter around how a full-stack developer can start and successfully run a software development agency – and whilst I have only just started writing content, I hope one day to have a really great (free) library to help people learn from my learnings.

I’m no smarmy business dude, i’m just a software dev who learn a bit about business along the way.
Anyways, just wondered if anyone had any questions I’m happy to help!

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