SPO Webpart Solution – Tips?

Hi All,

I’m recreating our on-prem 2013 foundation sharepoint site on our SPO with all classic sites.

I’m almost done and its been going great, but there is one webpart we used from Amrein that I can’t seem to reproduce very easily: http://www.amrein.com/apps/page.asp?Q=5738

Essentially, this webpart reads a list, displays the attachment file photo as a photo above the content from another field of that item. Whenever the list was updated, the webpart would replace the display with the newest item. Sometimes we used it to display one item, somes several (showing the 3 most recent, for example. Sometimes we would display the item list vertically, sometimes horizontally. All these options were very easy to manipulate in the Amrein webpart.

Seems fairly straightforward, but its like pulling teeth to find something that doesn’t need coding up the wazoo to mimic (then again I’m a SP newb, perhaps I’m just missing something). The amrein site does refer to an O365 version: https://amrein.bitalus.com/products/wp?q=17, and I’m working with them to see if I can achieve the same looks, but their version is painfully more geared towards folks with heavy understanding of code, and to my knowledge it can’t display the content horizontally.

I’ve been researching like crazy and failing miserably, so any help you all can provide is massively appreciated. I’m nearly done recreating the entire thing with classic sites, so pivoting to modern isn’t really an option.

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