Scheduling content on FB Business Manager – Video Quality Issue

Hey there all my fellow marketing and social media experts! I have a slight issue with FB Business Manager and I’m curious if others have had similar experiences.

I’m a marketing admin for a small company and one of my monthly duties includes scheduling daily content to post on FB and Insta. The company I work for takes professional photos and video for a specific industry. This makes my life easy in the sense that there is so much content and it’s all already beautifully edited, all I have to cover is captions, tags, location, and scheduling – should be simple.

Video content I have scheduled through FB Business Manager has terrible quality when posted to Instagram, but not Facebook. On Facebook it’s just fine.

I’m embarrassed because I failed to realize until the second scheduled Video of the month (when emailed by a colleague) that the quality of the video is incredibly poor on Instagram when scheduled through the FB manager. The quality of the same video is just fine when posted at the same time to Facebook. WTF is up with that?

Is there a solution to this outside of just manually uploading the videos to IN at the date/scheduled time? Also my boss is pretty flexible with the marketing budget and I have majority control so if there is a quality solution/scheduling tool I’m open to suggestions! I have used Hootsuite in the past.

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