OroCommerce Vs Magento – Who Will Win This Competition?

OroCommerce Vs Magento – Who Will Win This Competition?

OroCommerce vs Magento – Which one will be suitable for you?


When building a website, first thing first, you have to choose the right platform. If it’s not suitable for your demand, your online business performance will not be as expected. And you don’t want this to happen, do you?


For that purpose, we want to compare platforms to choose your “Mr. Right” easily. This blog post is about OroCommerce vs Magento.


For more interests, let’s take a look at some e-commerce platform comparisons to broaden your choices:



Now, let’s get started!

OroCommerce Vs Magento – A Brief Introduction

About Magento

OroCommerce Vs Magento – Who Will Win This Competition?

It’s been approximately 13 years since Magento was first introduced. For over a decade of development, Magento has provided a considerable number of merchants with a practical and modern method, powering them to become a leader in the eCommerce field.


Currently, with more than 250,000 eCommerce sites and over 2.5 million downloads, Magento is one of the leading open-source eCommerce platforms.


To whom who might not know, Magento offers 3 editions, among which is one free-of-charge edition and 2 charged version:


  • Magento Open Source (Magento 2 Community Edition)


  • Magento Commerce (Magento 2 Enterprise Edition)


  • Magento Commerce Cloud

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In general, Magento Commerce Cloud is a premium edition with the most robust features that you must know to build an eCommerce website.

About OroCommerce


Founded in 2012, Oro, Inc. is one of the leading software companies. It is the company behind the success of:


  • OroCommerce: a pioneering B2B eCommerce platform, providing an enormous number of B2B features.


  • OroCRM: an open-source platform providing powerful customer management tools, detailed analytics, and a wide range of integrations for businesses of all types.


  • OroPlatform: a rapid application development platform (RAD), written in PHP, helping businesses to create a responsive website, solve business issues to generate more profits.


While Magento is an eCommerce-focused platform in general, OroCommerce is built to develop B2B online business for brands, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. Understanding that B2C features will not work with B2B businesses, OroCommerce was born by the same leadership team of Magento.


Similar to Magento, OroCommerce is also an open-source platform designed explicitly for B2B eCommerce. For that reason, it contains powerful B2B features. For many years of growth, OroCommerce has served a lot of B2B businesses.

Comparison Between OroCommerce Vs Magento

In this section, we will compare OroCommerce vs Magento in terms of various categories.


  • Features


  • Ease of use


  • SEO


  • Scalability


  • Performance


  • Pricing


  • Community support


  • Integrations & extensions

B2B Features

While OroCommerce is purely a B2B-focused platform, Magento takes its first step as a B2C eCommerce platform. However, Magento has supported both B2C and B2B eCommerce since 2017.


Below is a brief comparison between both platforms in terms of B2B features.


Notably, if you are searching for an edition to support your B2B business, Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (EE) is the only version that supports B2B features by default.

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Features OroCommerce Magento Commerce
Account management Limited Yes
Flexible dashboard customization Limited Yes
Access restrictions Yes Yes
Integrated CRM No Yes
Multiple sites, storeviews, organizations Yes Yes
Content management system Yes Yes
Shared catalog/Price personalization Yes Yes
Multiple price-lists Yes Yes
Multiple shopping lists Yes Yes
Smooth Buyer-Seller Interaction Yes Yes
Quick order Yes Yes
Importing orders from XLS Yes Yes
Gift cards in a negotiable quote Yes No
Payment terms No Yes
Credit limit Yes Yes
Checkout with multi-addresses Yes Yes
Quote management & configuration Limited Yes
Segmentation & custom reports Yes Yes
Advanced reporting No Yes

Source: LinkedIn


As you can see, both platforms have robust B2B features, not to mention they are pretty much similar to each other.

Ease of Use


Ease of use might be a top-of-mind characteristic of businesses when seeking an optimal platform.


High technical skills are requirements to develop the Magento platform. Magento is definitely not an easy game for newcomers. Carefully investigating related documents and practical experience is a need to deal with this platform.


In terms of this perspective, OroCommerce might be the winner. Actual users have rated OroCommerce 4/5 points on average.


Developing OroCommerce doesn’t require many technical skills. The interface is designed to be user-friendly. And clients can quickly get access to any feature that they want at any time. It’s the same for OroCRM and OroPlatform.


So, if you are running a B2B business and want an easy-to-use platform, please consider OroCommerce as your priority.

Marketing & SEO


In terms of marketing and SEO, both platforms are quite similar to each other.


Magento is considered an SEO-friendly platform. Based on research from the Ecommerce Platform, Magento’s SEO score ranges about 95/100, an exceptionally high result to prove that Magento’s SEO performance is held in high regard.


With Magento, you can effortlessly conduct SEO optimization with available tools such as image optimization, follow-up analytics of visitors, products’ meta tags, etc. As a result, you can make your site rank higher on the search engine and drive more traffic to your store.

OroCommerce’s Marketing Features

OroCommerce also offers various powerful features to enhance marketing and SEO performance. A full list of marketing features is available for both free and paid editions, for example, SEO management, CMS support, landing pages, to name but a few.

Performance & Scalability


Magento’s performance is no joke. It is a powerful CMS that can cope with 50.000 visits per hour. To optimize its performance and scalability, it has made client-side, application, and database enhancements. All in all, a fast web server is what an enterprise needs.


For OroCommerce, according to a performance test and scalability test, OroCommerce works relatively well. Its performance benefits from an exemplary Opcache configuration. As the response time falls under 300ms, maximizing customer experience and enhancing the conversion rate.


Also, OroCommerce scales quite well. Using this platform, users can scale out horizontally, and there’s no need to worry that MySQL server would crash under high loads. Even though you might need a relatively large MySQL server sometimes, it is not an impossible thing.


Gross Sales Revenue Magento Commerce (Enterprise Edition) Magento Commerce Cloud
Less than $1 million $22.000 $40.000
$1 million – $5 million $32.000 $55.000
$5 million – $10 million $49.000 $80.000
$10 million – $25 million $75.000 $120.000
$25 million – $50 million $125.000 $190.000

Magento offers 3 separate editions, one of which is free of charge (Magento Community Edition). With free program codes, this edition is quite suitable for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


Nevertheless, suppose you demand more premium features for your site. In that case, especially if you are running a medium to large-sized enterprise, you should choose either of the 2 charged editions: Magento 2 Enterprise Edition and Magento Commerce Cloud.


In terms of OroCommerce, the platform also offers one FREE edition and one charged edition.


The OroCommerce Community Edition, which is FREE of charge, contains some basic features to build a B2B eCommerce website. And of course, to obtain more optimal features, you can choose the other version, OroCommerce Enterprise Edition, starting at $45.000 per year.


Please contact the vendor for more detailed pricing information.

Community Support


Though Magento is quite challenging to develop without technical skills, you can have Magento developers help you. Magento has an expansive global network, a massive community of support. 300.000 developers and nearly 260 partners worldwide are available 24/7 to help Magento users develop the platform and resolve issues.

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More limited than Magento, OroCommerce has around 80 partners, including hosting, solution, and technology partners, all over the world. As can be seen, it’s a disadvantage for OroCommerce in this perspective. However, with the continuous development day by day, OroCommerce would be more accessible in the future.

Integrations & Extensions


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We suppose that no one can beat Magento in this perspective. Magento is famous for its vast module marketplace, mostly developed by various technology partners worldwide. There are approximately 3.700 modules available in the Magento market, not to mention a vast number of third-party extensions in the market.


If you search for a Magento extension with a specific feature, countless results will appear, both FREE and paid options. Hence, you can freely choose one of those to optimize your Magento website, add all kinds of new features to create a perfect online store.


Similar to Magento, OroCommerce also has its own extension marketplace, but not as massive as Magento’s. There are nearly 80 extensions in total for OroCommerce products and some others for OroCRM and OroPlatform to support various B2B features. As a result, options for OroCommerce will be limited.

OroCommerce Vs Magento – Who Wins?


It’s kind of difficult to answer this question. We guess that there is no exact answer. It mainly depends on your business type, field, and demands to build a website.


With robust APIs and integrated ERP, CRM, and many other backend systems, Magento will be suitable for any business, regardless of B2B or B2C business. Moreover, Magento premium editions would be perfect for mid to large enterprises with considerable assets, huge inventory, and higher traffic.


On the other hand, OroCommerce is a B2B-focused eCommerce platform. For that reason, B2C businesses should not use this platform as B2B, and B2C characteristics and processes are entirely separated.


In general, if you, a B2B business, want an easy-to-use platform without much need of configuration, OroCommerce is worth trying. However, if you wish to have more premium and additional features to expand your business, extend your ecosystem, you should not overlook Magento.


However, we highly recommend using Magento for a good start. It contains various features, no matter which business field you are pursuing, regardless of your business size. So, Magento is somewhat more appreciated than OroCommerce.


All in all, we have given a brief comparison between OroCommerce vs Magento from many perspectives. Also, we have suggested a way to choose the most suitable platform. We hope that you can quickly find the perfect one to expand your business successfully.


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