LifeCycle manager HPE vibsdepot index-drv.xml error

After a lot of struggle, I am finally able to sync updates from iLO Amplifier pack.
Now there is still one problem that I can not get to work in LifeCycle manager:

In LifeCycle ManagerPatch setup I have added some download sources.
They all work fine (even iLO Amplifier Pack) except for one:

The is working great, but index-drv not.
Connectivity status is: connected, but when I enable the source, and sync updates I get an error:
A general system error occurred: An unknown error occurred while performing the operation

I tried to use https in the url, but that did not work as well.
I ran the VMWare cleanup script: source
I have performed a complete reset of the Update Manager Database: source

Did a lot of searching, but was not able to fix this problem.

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this ?

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