Issues deploying vCenter Server Appliance from OVA

Hey guys. I’m trying to set up vCenter but it’s giving me a lot of grief. I’m able to deploy the OVA without any issues, but when it boots it will loop the following:

[OK] Starting DCUI [OK] Stopping DCUI 

Eventually it will get over itself and boot into the DCUI but I still don’t have a web interface. I am able to ping the VM. The host is running 6.7.0u3 and the appliance is release 6.7.0u3 as well. I’ve reinstalled it probably five times (versions 6.7.0u3, 6.7.0u3l, 6.7.0u3a) tweaking the settings each time. I’ve tried with a few different static IPs as well as DHCP, still nothing. I’m kind of stumped.

If it matters, it’s running on an R610 with 2x E5640s and 48gb ram. This is the only VM on this server. I can provide logs if necessary. Thanks!

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