I just botched a great job opportunity because my brain got lazy

This is more a PSA than anything but I’m pissed at myself so it’s also my therapy.

I just got out of a technical interview for a high up position with a startup that would have landed me a significant pay raise as well as options as the company is still in the early stages of an IPO. But thanks to the pandemic and me slowly doing less development at my current job and more support, my brain has become soft to critical thinking. I never really noticed it until I was hit with those critical thinking questions in the interview and I just froze. The most embarrassing moment in my 20+ year career, locking up on simple javascript questions that I normally can do in my sleep. Yet, here I was staring at a shared blank text document unable to parse a simple query string from an object (something I have done multiple times for various reasons in my life). I just want to crawl under a rock and die.

I know I’m being dramatic but I’m just so mad at myself. I should have prepared better but I was too confident that I had the job in the bag that I didn’t prepare enough, and that’s my fault. Just a reminder for all of you, no matter if you’re fresh out of college or some old fart like me, you can never over prepare for something like a job interview. I guess I’m stuck turning out cookie cutter WordPress sites for a bit longer :/

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