How to Get All Customer Groups in Magento 2

Magento 2 CMS is the preferred platform to build E-commerce stores owing to its features that address modern business requirements. One such feature is customer groups in Magento 2 that help in targeted customer management, customer-wise marketing efforts, and developing features based on types of customers. If you are a store owner with a wide variety of products and a large customer base with various customer types, managing customer groups is an essential task. Customer groups let you categorize the store’s customer base into different groups. Once you have grouped customers, you can create rules, tax classes, and group-specific discounts that pertain to individual customer groups. The Magento 2 offers the following customer group types: General Not Logged in Retailer Wholesale Besides these, one can create a customer group programmatically in Magento 2 based on custom business requirements. While working with the extensions based on customer groups, one often needs to get all customer groups in Magento 2. For instance, the admin wants to offer different pricing strategies for wholesalers only and cash on delivery option should only be enabled for VIP customer groups. Or “instant delivery” is to be offered only to higher customer groups. Or, restrict a payment […]

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