Homelab VDI setup?

Current setup:

-2x Intel NUC10 /w ESXi 7.0

-1x QNAP 9-bay NAS with 4 bays of 1TB SSDs in a RAID 10.

-1x Asus Router (WiFi, 8 ports).

My virtual infrastructure is as follows(mostly just testing features):

-2x Domain Controllers (Windows Server 2019 Core).

-2x File Servers (for DFSR shares) on Windows Server Core.

-1x vROPs.

-1x Application Remote Collector.

-1x Windows 10 VM as a management workstation (RSAT Tools, Windows Admin Center, etc).

-1x SQL Server on Windows Server Core

-1x vCenter.

-1x Windows Server 2019 with a GUI to put Horizon View Connection Server on.

-1x Virtual Distributed Switch bound to 1 uplink each on the NUCs.

What I want is to throw Horizon View on and test out deploying a small (2-3 VM) desktop pool (instant clones). From what I can tell, I will need another DHCP server just because my router can only set 1 DNS server and I don’t want to point it to my VM due to dependencies (no internet if it goes off and I forget about it). Not really looking to purchase more equipment at the moment.

I don’t want to carelessly spin up a DHCP server and have rogue DHCP in my home network, so I was pondering how to avoid the problem.

I’m just a bit fuzzy on how to get there… like maybe creating another vDS and not binding it to an uplink. But I’d at least want the VDI Pool to have connectivity to the DC to join the domain. Or maybe toss DHCP onto the DC?

Home network is 192.168.50.X (standard), I’m thinking of defining a 172.16.X.X subnet as a private internal network on that internal vDS, connecting DC, VCS, and Master VDI to that, so DC will have 2, functions as DHCP too, but the scope is only defined within 172 subnet so it doesn’t dish out IPs to my real network.

Am I going in the right direction with this?

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