Datamodel from existing database


I’m currently doing my graduation project at a company. I need to develop a new database for them while making sure all old tables and attributes are in there and I need to expand it, but that part is out of scope for this post.

Before I started my graduation internship they told me that they have a datamodel of the database. However, after the first two days I found out they actually don’t have a current datamodel.. I need that datamodel in order to create a new datamodel and database.

I do have access to the database, and I tried to use dbeaver to map everything. This ‘works’, but the database has 230+ tables and the overview is a mess, so that doesn’t work. I’m currently recreating some tables in and I will make multiple files so it will be easy to read. However this way takes a lot of time, time I don’t really have. Is there another (faster) way to do this?

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