As a YouTuber, is it really that vital to have a Twitter account in 2021?

I run a variety gaming YouTube channel with over 2,000 subscribers, and over the years I’ve made accounts on various social media websites, more specifically Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to promote my content and share my interests with others. Twitter is easily the one I’ve used the most ever since 2014, and it’s turned from a place I’ve genuinely enjoyed to one that I can’t stand. It’s a toxic place filled with cancel culture, “woke” culture, spam, and some of the most aggressive people I’ve ever seen. It brings out the worst in everybody, myself included, and I recently purged all of my tweets in the hopes of getting a fresh start. But I’m starting to think that’s not enough. I mostly plan to use it for video updates from now on, but Twitter’s resources barely offer anything to help get your content out there, basically requiring you to know the right people to share your stuff. Even then, I believe nearly all of this could be accomplished on the YouTube community tab as well. There are two things I see creators do on Twitter to their benefit. They make connections with other creators so they can work together, and they can get in contact with YouTube about an issue if they’re loud enough since YouTube’s own help tools are bad enough as is. But are those things really worth it when your mental health is dwindling every day amongst all the toxicity that’s spewed out on the daily? Even PewDiePie, the biggest independent creator on YouTube, left Twitter due to all of this. So I ask, should I delete my Twitter account entirely for the sake of my mental state, or is there more potential there that I’m not realizing? If this is the wrong sub for this kind of discussion, please let me know.

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