Add animation/fade to modal/dialogue box (without using the bootstrap)

The current state of a modal/dialog opening in Drupal 8 (and 7 for that matter) is pretty clunky from a user experience perspect. Leveraging some type of animation/fade would really enhance the elegance + cohesiveness of the modal. I notice bootstrap allows a “fade” class on the modal, which gives it a fade effect (I assume). Is there a way to add this type (or any type) of animation to a Drupal 8 modal without needing bootstrap? Am I missing something simple?

Thanks for quick replies and patience with a newbie. So I’m opening a node/add form into a modal with a link like so..

<a class="use-ajax" data-dialog-options="{&quot;width&quot;:800}" data-dialog-type="modal" href="/node/add/article">Add Article</a>

I’d like the modal to open/close with a fade effect (or slide in, etc).
Is there a way to leverage JS, CSS or Drupal itself to create this animation?

Is there a better solution all together to displaying a node/add form in a popup/lightbox type element with ajax?

Thank you!

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