HostGator Shared Hosting and Digital Ocean Droplets

TLDR: Having a hard time finding CPU and RAM info for HostGator Baby/Business shared host plans so I can compare them to Digital Ocean droplets. ie: HostGator’s Baby shared host account equals what level of Digital Ocean droplet? I have HostGator shared hosting currently, but trying to determine if I should do full migration to Digital Ocean or just certain domains.

Background details: I’m a PHP developer with a HostGator Business shared hosting account that expires in June.

Professionally, I’ve used AWS, but I can’t justify that cost given that most of my sites don’t generate much income or traffic at the moment. I’m also hesitant to sign up for an account without having a locked rate so that I know what my bill is going to be each month.

I have maybe ten active domains total. There are 3-4 WordPress, 3 Laravel, and a few very simple landing pages that are essentially static html.

I’ve gotten by with HostGator’s Business plan for the last few years because my Laravel projects haven’t been ready for me to actually launch and promote them yet and also because the other sites I have don’t get much traffic (maybe ~100 visitors a month each).

The plan is to get the Laravel sites launched and promoted soon though, so I started migrating them over to Digital Ocean droplets. I really like the experience and additional control, but I don’t know that I need droplets for all the other sites.

I know I can host multiple sites on a single droplet, but to keep costs low at the moment, I’m trying to figure out what the Digital Ocean Droplet equivalent is for the HostGator Baby or Business plans so I can either renew the HostGator account or create a droplet and use it like a shared host with multiple domains.

Most info I’ve seen for HostGator has been for their VPS plans, and I’ve seen very different information on what kind of RAM and CPU that HostGator is actually allocating for shared host users so I’m not even sure how to compare their Baby vs Business plans.

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