Sticky Notes applet in Gnome Flashback (Ubuntu 20.04.02)

Gnome Flashback on Ubuntu 20.04.02 with applet “Sticky Notes”. Sticky Notes apparently has its own timetable of when it decides it will save the notes you’ve entered. When you turn your computer off, you are likely to find that your notes had not been permanently stored (better you discover it now than later).
Over the years I’ve used Sticky Notes, I’d occasionally lose a note or two and have adjusted by using gedit (temp.txt in Docs folder) for backups; just in case a note is of “Priority” Importance.
I’m not interested in other Linux apps similar to Sticky Notes(I’m sure I’ve used them). More set on using the applet provided and making it work, if possible.

Below is a post on r/thinkpad I responded to which may help illustrate my fondness and motives for a solution to my Sticky Notes issue:
Trying to push more peeps in the direction of Ubuntu 20+(& beyond) with Gnome Flashback. showcases the customization options, look and feel I’ve come to love. Minimalistic in nature and backwards compatible to older machines.
“Gnome-Do” is no longer available so use Synapse (or ULauncher). “Sticky-Notes” has its’ own save to disk timetable so have a secondary backup until notes become permanent.
Hoping more devs, coders, etc adopt to help address the issues. Supposing a cron-job would do the trick.

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