Event Mapping on Fluid Homepage

 I regularly get questions on how we can make changes to Tiles on the Homepage dynamically:

  • Display/hide Tiles based on certain conditions
  • Use different Tile title/content based on certain conditions
  • And so on…

And every time I scramble to find this old Oracle community discussion:

Just to avoid searching for this again, I am sharing/documenting this link on my blog. 😇

On this thread, Divesh Gupta sharing an idea to use Event Mapping on the Fluid Homepage to dynamically display/hide Tiles.
CREF: Fluid Structure Content > Fluid Pages > PeopleSoft Applications > Fluid Home

This is a brilliant idea which could be extended opening up the door for all sorts of dynamic customizations (without the overhead of a customized object). I refer to this on several occasions and hope you find it useful!

Also, be on the look out for a new feature that is planned for PeopleTools 8.59!
Refer: PeopleSoft Planned Features and Enhancements (Doc ID 1966243.2) > Technology (Tab) > Hiding or Displaying Tiles Using an Application Class

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